Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson walked their first red carpet together last month at the premiere of Queen & Slim and, as I predicted in that post, there was going to be some Bump Watch. Here they are yesterday at the airport in Berlin and… well… 

They’re having a baby, right? 

And quite obviously in love. Look at him looking at her. He’s delighted – and he should be. If this magnificent woman is having his baby, he is getting his life. Those are Kathleen’s words, by the way, only paraphrased. She said last night that she wanted this picture tattooed on herself. I’m not entirely sure if she was joking. 

Jodie and Josh also have something else that bonds them, though it’s not as celebratory. She stars in Queen & Slim, which was critically well-received and performed well at the box office. It was not nominated for any Golden Globes even though, as Melina Matsoukas told Variety last week, three screenings were made available to HFPA members and they showed no interest. Josh has a role in Ava DuVernay’s acclaimed When They See Us. The series was also completely overlooked by the Golden Globes even after its 16 Emmy nominations. 

Still there is more to look forward to. Joshua’s next project is Little Fires Everywhere, premiering on Hulu in March. (Maria’s posting about that next.) And no matter what happens with award season, Jodie’s had a breakthrough year. She has two projects due in 2020. Maybe, now, a third?