Joshua Jackson stepped out yesterday to run some errands. At one point he was photographed waiting while physically distancing to get into one of the stores. Josh is of course on his own doing the shopping because Jodie Turner-Smith is pregnant. Or was pregnant. 


There’s been no announcement about their baby. Josh revealed during an interview that she was due at the end of March so if she’s late, she’s three weeks late. I’ve never had a baby but I do know from general parents and babies in my life that they don’t usually let you go beyond two weeks. Jodie was tweeting as of last night so… probably she’s had the baby and they just haven’t talked about it yet? It’s not like it’s any of my f-cking business, they don’t have to tell the public about their baby. Many celebrities don’t. 

Jessica Chastain has said almost nothing about her two children. I’m not sure we even know their names. Same goes for Evan Rachel Wood, who didn’t release her son’s name for many years. Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan are equally as low-key about their children. 


I guess we should talk about something else then. How about the way Jodie live-tweets during Josh’s show, Little Fires Everywhere? Josh is married to a supportive queen. Who thinks he’s a #hotdad.