Sarah’s been doing a series this year about self-care entertainment. One of my favourite self-care watches is Judge Judy. I don’t get to do this enough. But if I’m ever home on a sick day and I can’t write, I am watching Judge Judy. It soothes me to see her telling people about themselves. And once a week, at least, I re-watch that clip of her knowingly returning that dog to its rightful ownerOf course she deserves this honour. (Dlisted)

I don’t mind Elle Fanning’s cummerbund. I just don’t think it works with this shirt. Why wouldn’t you go with a plain shirt? Why jam all these elements together? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Princess Beatrice has a new boyfriend. He reminds me of a slightly younger version of Pippa Middleton’s husband whose face I always forget the minute I stop looking at it. And I don’t remember his name either. James Michael or Spencer James or James Thomas? Something James. Beatrice’s boyfriend has a much more memorable name: Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. She’s totally marrying him. (Cele|bitchy)

They’re calling Jordan Peele the modern horror master now. I’m mad at him though because he keeps making these “event” movies that I have to see as part of my job but, f-ck, I am not a scary movie person so how am I going to get through Us? Anyway, here are his favourite horror films. (OMG Blog) 

Oxblood is a great name for a lipstick. Based on the name alone I might get it. Even though I’m curious about how thick it will go on. A dark colour like this, to me, can’t be sheer. It has to be thick. Like paint. (The Cut) 

I feel…validated. I answered honestly and it paid off. I belong in Hogwarts, indeed. You? (Buzzfeed)