If it wasn’t for Angelina Jolie yesterday, Julia Roberts might have been the Outfit of the Week. Here she is at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in LA this weekend in a f-cking amazing polka dot outfit that I know, I don’t even have to ask, Duana is obsessed with – and she’s already obsessed every day with Julia. 

But when you think of Julia + polo…what comes to mind? 

Come on. This is automatic. It’s Julia + polo + polka dots = Pretty Woman, isn’t it? That’s some nostalgia right there – and it’s not like she would have missed it. There is no f-cking way she wouldn’t have remembered. So, basically, she theme-dressed at the polo as herself. Or, rather, as Vivian Ward. 

And that’s not the only nostalgic moment she’s been serving lately. Here’s her latest Instagram post: 


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Yes the tights are amazing and I should invest in a few pairs of these. But also…the song is practically slapping us in the face – from the side. I mean it’s not the exact song, but it’s “You Got It”, a very famous Roy Orbison song, and we all know he has another very, very famous song called “Pretty Woman”, so it’s invoking “Pretty Woman” without directly hitting the point. But we get the point. Here she is, after all these years, still breezing into a boutique and leaving with multiple bags and walking down the street with her purchases as a satisfied smile crosses her face. 

Makes you want to watch the movie tonight, doesn’t it ?