Justin and Hailey Bieber have been in Paris the last few days, photographed shopping, eating, sightseeing. According to the paps, JB is also supposed to be meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at point some during this trip and I haven’t been able to source a reason why. To be fair, I only spent ten minutes googling and doing searches on Twitter but it shouldn’t take any longer than that, and any deeper than that to find a reason why one of the most famous popstars in the world would be meeting with the leader of France? 


While I still haven’t figured out whether or not an audience with President Macron is the primary reason for this trip, perhaps another priority was for the Biebers to get away to celebrate three years of back-togetherness. It was around this time in 2018 that Justin and Hailey hooked up again, and pretty much five minutes later they were engaged. July 9 is when he confirmed it on Instagram:

July 9 is actually an interesting date if you consider what’s happening this year when Justin will perform at the Encore in Las Vegas. JB’s performed on stage during the pandemic but there were restrictions in place before and for this show, it’ll be as close to before COVID times as possible. It’s a small venue, compared to the size of the arenas that typically host artists of his status, so it’s a good opportunity for him to get that muscle going again, a couple of months before he takes the stage in front of a much bigger one. 


It was announced last week that Justin and Lil Baby would headline the tenth anniversary of Jay-Z’s Made in America festival on Labour Day weekend in Philadelphia. That, for sure, will be JB’s biggest live audience in a long time, considering he hasn’t toured in a few years now after cancelling his tour in 2017. Tour life is challenging for JB, or at least it was back then; he has since spent a long time working on his mental health, changing his lifestyle, and of course finding stability in his personal life so he’ll be heading back on the road early next year for several months with Justice. Vegas and Made in America, then, may be a kind of rehearsal as he gets closer to tour mode – and certainly for the show in Vegas, which is about three weeks away now, it’s quite likely that after this time spent in Paris, he’ll have to start getting into daily practice mode for that performance soon. I’m actually curious to see how his live entertainment skills have evolved in tandem with his progression into adulthood.