It’s time for the Go Fug Yourself annual Vogue 2021 cover predictions. Who will Anna choose? Here are my predictions in no particular order: Angelina Jolie for The Eternals; Regina King ahead of the Oscars; Scarlett Johansson for Black Widow; Ana de Armas for Bond; Michaela Coel for I May Destroy You’s Emmy campaign; Anya Taylor Joy for The Queen’s Gambit’s Emmy campaign; Jodie Comer for Free Guy; Jodie Turner-Smith for Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse; Emma Stone for Cruella; Awkwafina for Shang-Chi; Zendaya for Zendaya; Millie Bobby Brown for Godzilla vs Kong and Stranger Things S4; Halle Berry for Bruised; Nicki Minaj because there will be a comeback. That’s more people than there are months left for Vogue covers this year. But Vogue just did four covers for January so you can easily do multiples in a month. Can’t wait to see how my list compares to the reality. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Have you watched Justin Bieber’s video for his new song “Anyone” yet? I think the song is nice. It’s the video that, well, the video is basically JB’s fulfilling a fantasy of playing Rocky. The earnestness was too much for me, because, yes, I’m an asshole. That said, I do look forward to the next video and I’m wondering what movie he’ll be targeting next. I’m thinking maybe JB will be Ryan Gosling in The Notebook? Or Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic? Anyway, to make the video extra realistic, he had his tats covered and also documented the process. One thing I wish they’d show us in these behind-the-scenes makeovers is how much makeup comes off during filming because anyone’s who’s ever worn makeup and pulled a top over their head can tell you that the transfer is real. (Dlisted) 

Twitter had a discussion about the “hottest era of Zac Efron” and a lot of people participated. I’m older than the age group that has been working on a PhD level of knowledge about the hotness of Zac Efron so maybe this doesn’t apply to me but I don’t think I’ve experienced a “hottest era of Zac Efron” yet. And it’s not like I don’t love teen sh-t and pretty boys but he’s just never done it for me. (Pajiba) 

It’s a new year and there’s at least one carryover from 2020 that people are still not tired of and that is investigating Hilaria/Hillary Baldwin’s background. Actually no, that is a closed investigation because I think we all have the answer but the evidence keeps mounting. (Cele|bitchy) 

Ria Sardana has opened her heart to sports movies and… REMEMBER THE TITANS! There’s a sports movie you can watch and rewatch and watch some more! (The Cut)