By now we all know about Drake’s Toronto home, right? He calls it The Embassy and it was featured recently in Architectural Digest. After the spread in AD, there were all kinds of other stories about the extravagance of Drake’s … palace. From the bed, which cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars, to the marble, to the staircase, to the everything. Except for the pool. Until now.


It was gorgeous and hot in Toronto this weekend. And Drake finally got in the pool. So, naturally, he had to show it off: 

Yes, that’s correct. It’s a lake. A fake lake, but a lake. The sixth Great Lake. Lake Drake. 

Drake already has a regulation-size basketball court in there. Why not an Olympic-size pool? Pool Goals have always been a thing for Drake. Back in 2014, he told Rolling Stone that (via BlogTO): 

“I’m obsessed with, like, residential pools. One of my goals in life is to have the biggest residential pool on the planet.”

OK so here’s the thing – this is not the first time Drake’s given us a pool flex. He has pool parties all the time at his place in LA. 


Speaking of his home in LA, though, amazingly… he’s not in LA. As restrictions have been lifting in the United States, and in LA in particular, being that this is a holiday weekend in America, you’d think after all these months – like months – that Drake’s been locked down in Toronto, he’d bounce as soon as possible and head south. Like Justin Bieber. 

Justin is now back in Los Angeles with Hailey. Here are some shots of him taken today and this weekend. The Biebers, like Drake, were isolating in Canada, at their property about an hour outside of Toronto. And as we saw from their Facebook Watch series, THEY ACTUALLY HAVE A LAKE! A real lake! They went boating on it in the first episode. Wasn’t enough to keep him here though. Drake’s fake lake, however, is holding him in his hometown – at least for now.