Justin Bieber has made a statement about his affiliation, or lack thereof, with Pastor Carl Lentz and Hillsong Church. Remember when Pastor Carl’s scandal was one of the biggest gossip stories of 2020? Anyway, since then, a couple of other pastors have left. Does the church have a crisis management team? (Dlisted) 


In general, there isn’t really a huge difference in temperature between New York City and Toronto, where I live. Toronto is a little colder but not by a huge swing. Generally. Like by wardrobe standards, you should be able to get on a plane in Toronto and land in NYC and the outfit works for climate. But I’m looking at what Katie Holmes is wearing here and, a thin turtleneck under a thin blazer and I could not go out like this without freezing my tits off. Maybe I’m just weaker against the cold. (Go Fug Yourself) 

So we all have Duke of Hastings fever, right? Or Regé-Jean Page fever? Are you that perv, like me, who keeps watching the Bridgerton love scenes (and obviously I don’t consider That Scene to be a love scene) over and over again? Seriously, when he asks her if she’s been practising touching herself… I CANNOT. Anyway, do you want him to be the next James Bond? I could get behind this campaign. By the way, he’s also in Sylvie’s Love. WATCH THAT TOO! (Cele|bitchy) 


This story involves the COVID-19 vaccine, and a proposal! I’m not usually into proposal videos but this one really got me…and it’s probably the first of its kind. Which, originality is always a win. Excellent romantic creativity! (OMG Blog) 

I really, really miss my friends. In the summer, when we were allowed to, four or five of us hooked up every Saturday night in a backyard, positioned several feet apart, and hung out for hours. It’s too cold to do that now but I want to so bad. And the fire pits are warm… ish… but the smoke gets to be too thick sometimes and you stink afterwards. So is this product the answer? Like if I tuck myself in this thing with a mask, maybe even a face shield, can I do a yard visit with someone for an hour? (The Cut)