As I posted earlier, every day this week Selena Gomez has been going for a bike ride. And every day she’s been papped. Today she also went for a bike ride. And Justin Bieber was with her.

Again, neither of them are new at this. If she’s been papped two days in a row on her bike, and she’s papped again on the third, with her rumoured reconciled ex-current-ex boyfriend… what does it all mean? We might not know what it means between them but we can say with a lot of certainty that being photographed together like this, and all the speculation that will ensue from it, would not be a surprise to them.

Oh and after the bike ride? This:

Arm in arm, head on his shoulder….

It’s on, right? It’s on.

Emily, our site manager, sent all this to me right after I came off The Social with an “ugh”. Is there something wrong with me? I have no “ughs” to give this. None at all! Think of all the gossip potential.

Selena is scheduled to perform at the American Music Awards on November 19. Will they show up together? Will he hang back in her dressing room? Will he come on stage to join her? Will it be over again – again – by then?