Justin Theroux also attended the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week yesterday. He fronted the label’s Spring ’18 campaign last year. So, as one of the faces of LV, he was front row during the presentation. This is not the first time we’ve seen Justin showing up for LV. You’ll recall, a year ago in April, he and Jennifer Aniston showed up for Louis Vuitton in Paris:

Jen is no longer his wife. But LV is still his paycheque. So “arty” and “edgy” New York Justin posted up between Michelle Williams and Emma Stone in the celebrity ambassador section. Right. Being a “celebrity ambassador” for a Paris fashion house, that’s totally “arty” and “edgy”, isn’t it? 

And how do you suppose he even got the job in the first place? 

If Justin Theroux wasn’t married to Jennifer Aniston, would he be repping Louis Vuitton and getting paid style money for posing in leather jackets?!


Justin Theroux is just as “Hollywood” as Jennifer is. He might not want to live there, but you can still live it without the geography. Pretending otherwise says more about him in this situation than it does about her.