Justin Theroux is currently promoting The Spy Who Dumped Me. I am totally going to see this movie. For Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon. The trailer makes me laugh. I want to laugh. I want to have a good time with two women headlining a movie, even if it means having to look at Justin’s eyebrows.

Justin is enjoying his first “arty” and “edgy” summer after splitting from Jennifer Aniston supposedly because, according to “sources” close to him, she wasn’t interesting and New York enough. Oh and he allegedly was tired of having to “report back to” a wife, or something. Since then, Justin’s been spending time with all kinds of fashion people and Jonathan Van Ness and the Queer Eye guys. Queer Eye is popular. Everybody loves them. I love them. Justin loves them. So much that he DM’ed JVN one night and that’s how they started hanging out. Is this Justin Theroux’s underrated skill? Connecting with people who can enhance his own profile? Would we know him without Jennifer Aniston? And now he’s a member of the Queer Eye crew. He told Jimmy Kimmel this week that, “They’ve sort of included me in their little wolf pack”. How long before he joins the Alpha Wolf Leonardo DiCaprio’s wolf pack? 

The headlines coming out of this interview are all about how Justin played “what does a vagina look like?” with JVN and the others one night. My headline, however, is what happens at the very end – if you don’t want to sit through the entire video, skip to the last 20 seconds, when Jimmy says to Justin that he’s glad he’s found some “new FRIENDS”. I mean it could have been a throwaway remark but watch for Justin’s reaction:

Was it really that funny? 

Jimmy is friends, no pun intended, with both of them. And has by all accounts remained friendly with both Jen and Justin after the breakup. So it’s not likely that there was any bite in the remark. Still. The remark pretty much sums up the situation though. Justin wanted new friends and set about trying to find them. He’s the successor to Taylor Swift’s Friend Collector title.