Justin Theroux was also at the A Quiet Place premiere last night supporting Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. He and Emily worked together on The Girl On The Train. I’m sure there are more connections to be made here but I don’t care enough to bother citing them. What we’re doing here is taking a look at how Justin’s spending his time since separating from Jennifer Aniston who, supposedly, was “too Hollywood” for his “arty, edgy” New York sensibility. Which must be why he was at Paris Fashion Week sitting front row at Louis Vuitton and showing up to a movie premiere. This is not Hollywood behaviour at all. 

Let’s check in on Justin’s Instagram. Have you seen his most recent Instastory? This comes up: 

That would be Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye and Oscar winner Emma Stone, also an LV ambassador. Both, I guess, would pass the “arty, edgy” test by Justin’s “arty, edgy” New York friends. Does showing off your famous friendships on social media qualify as “arty” and “edgy” in New York? 

In other Justin friend news, he was also seen hanging out with Paul Rudd and his wife on Sunday. He and Paul have been friends a while. In fact, he and Jennifer Aniston worked on Wanderlust with Paul Rudd which is when their relationship reportedly started. So I guess they’re sharing him, seeing as Jen and Paul have known each other for decades. Paul’s not too Hollywood for Justin then. Paul’s allowed to stick around. 

Have we established now that Justin Theroux’s friends, whoever they are, on the NY arty edgy scene have done him wrong? Pushing out that f-cking narrative, to me at least, made him look foolish. Which is too bad, really. Because he actually looks great, as in physically. With this New York “winter tan”, in this well-tailored overcoat, and his hair mussed stylishly just-so, he’s quite attractive, non?