It’s been almost a week since the *NSYNC reunion last week at the MTV VMAs during which JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Justin Timberlake showed up on stage to present Taylor Swift with an award. Speculation about a reunion has been happening for about a month now and shortly after it was confirmed that they’ve come back together for a new single for the new Trolls movie. Because as IF Justin Timberlake would show up for any of the guys and whatever they were working on, LOL. 


I’m sure by now you’ve seen the video he posted on Instagram? Just in case it wasn’t clear – you’ll note that HE’s the one behind the dials, HE’s the one in control, HE’s the boss of this whole production. Perhaps it’s the only way he could stomach going back to his boy band days. Unless, of course, he needs to activate that nostalgia in service of his own bag. 


Not surprisingly, on the heels of all these *NSYNC memories, we’re now hearing that JT will be releasing a new album next year and there will be a big tour in support of it. You remember the last album, don’t you? Actually, maybe you don’t. Because nobody cared about Man of the Woods and that tour was embarrassingly janky. JT’s star is not as high as it once was, which is why he’s leveraging the past in support of his future. 

According to Billboard, this is a JT-only tour, there are currently no plans for an *NSYNC tour. 

“Billboard has confirmed that Timberlake has holds on dates at arenas in North America for a major run, with sources saying the trek will be accompanied by a new album from the singer. As they say in the business, Timberlake is going back into cycle, which means there won’t be any full-fledged *NSYNC tour any time soon.”


Of course not. Like I’ve been saying for weeks now, the whole *NSYNC thing was always going to be primarily for JT’s advantage, even though Billboard also notes that an *NSYNC tour could earn the group up to $100 million, money that presumably JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris would appreciate. But then again, JT will always eat first before anyone else gets to eat. Still, it’s been satisfying to see that he had to engage with this strategy in the first place. Because JT ten years ago would never.