Justin Timberlake’s 5th wedding anniversary

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 20, 2017 17:59:09 October 20, 2017 17:59:09

Justin Timberlake celebrated his 5th wedding anniversary on social media yesterday. I’m still trying to decide whether or not we need to mention that Jessica Biel is also part of this anniversary because he barely mentions her himself. And she’s, allegedly, part of the marriage.

This is what he posted on Instagram. The same message also appears on his Facebook page. You’ll note, her name doesn’t even show up… UNTIL THE SECOND PARAGRAPH.

Before that though, before even the reference to his anniversary, first he wants us to know that he’s back in the studio. Like that was the priority. Oh it’s my anniversary but … I’M MAKING MUSIC AGAIN! Then it’s a series of ME ME ME ME MEs and I statements. I this, me that. Did the wedding even happen to her? Yes, sort of. He jumped on her head in their official wedding photo. That happened to her.

And then it’s a video. Of him singing. She’s not in the video. Because that’s not the point of the video. The point of the video is for us to HEAR HIM SINGING. To listen to HIS voice. To be pleasured by HIS voice.

This, apparently, is romantic. And sweet. At least that’s how most of the mainstream entertainment outlets are covering it. Is that the standard now? Are these the scraps that we’ve accepted as thoughtful? How bad has it been for us that when an egomaniac dedicates a wedding anniversary to HIMSELF, we are told that this is a gesture of love?

Oh, wait. But it is. It IS a gesture of love. It is a gesture of self love. All his gestures are acts of self love. This anniversary dedication? Is 100% an act of self love.

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