Justin Timberlake was seen at the US Open on the weekend and also last night at the Jets game, where he was on the sidelines hanging out – obnoxiously, as usual – with Aaron Rodgers. 


Is there ever a moment where he’s not a spectacle? 

Anyway, Aaron ended up getting injured in the game. Now I’m not here to blame anyone for something that can happen to anyone playing a contact sport, I’m just pointing out that JT happened to be present and Drake has been accused for being a sports hex for less. 

In other JT news, he’s not the only one in NYC. Other members of *NSYNC have been seen around town, leading to speculation that tonight at the VMAs there will be a reunion. TMZ just confirmed it: 


They’ve updated that post to say that the band will only be presenting and not performing. Maybe, though, there will be a tease to an upcoming project because we know already that they’re recording a new single for the new Trolls movie and there have been so many rumours going around about some kind of one-time reunion. It could all just be overblown to hype the song and the film. Or, you know, it could be something, and as I’ve been saying, I do hope it’s something…

Because I can’t wait to see it, to see him have to drag himself back to the beginning and acknowledging that the only way he can get hype again is by realigning himself with Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and of course JC Chasez, JUSTICE FOR JC!

You think he would deign to do this if things were popping off for him? Please. He’s the guy who never shows up in the group chat unless he’s trying to get you to sponsor his marathon run. 

And now tonight he’s showing up at a show where he used to be the main event, serving nostalgia in exchange for goodwill. We love to see it.