Dear Gossips, 

I’ve only just started reading Britney Spears’s The Woman in Me. And I typically prefer reading and not listening. But I swear, the moment I read this part… 


… I had to switch over to audio. Because I had to hear it. And you have to hear it. It might be the best – and worst – thing you hear all year. 


I am CRYING. I haven’t stopped crying since I heard it the first time. And now it’s been dozens of times. It’s a f-cking masterpiece. All of it. The book, the writing, and Michelle Williams. I mean, she could have just read it straight but no, Michelle Williams decided to dunk on him. She brought out all her Oscar nominations and ACTED the sh-t out of that sh-t!


As you can imagine, Justin Timberlake is getting clowned on social media right now. 


Just in case, if you can’t see the video in that post, this is what she’s referring to: 

This is why reading the entire book is important. This is why the excerpts weren’t doing it. This is the gold you’re missing if you’re just following the excerpts. And there is so much gold! 

Yours in gossip,