As mentioned yesterday in my post about Oprah, I decided to hold my post on this jackass because he wasn’t sitting on top of her, not after that speech. We should put Justin Timberlake on a delay more often. 

On Sunday night, Justin Timberlake went to the Golden Globes because his wife, Jessica Biel, was nominated for her first Golden Globe for her work in The Sinner. As predicted, Jessica Biel, the actual nominee, became a footnote on an occasion that should have been about her. You’d think he’d be capable of just one night of NOT indulging his narcissist impulses. Just to prove us wrong. And that would be wrong. He is actually not capable. 

Here’s how it all started, with a photo. 

This f-cking guy. This f-cking guy used the hashtags for Time’s Up and Why We Wear Black… and couldn’t REFER TO HIS WIFE BY HER NAME. 

The whole goddamn point of the initiative is equality, is for women and people of colour and people of different abilities, to be SEEN and HEARD and acknowledged and credited. And here’s Justin Timberlake, USING THE HASHTAG…

And he can’t even Use.Her.Name.

On top of that, the way he describes her, after not calling her by her name, is “hot”. This should tell you that Justin Timberlake does not understand Time’s Up. 

After that photo came a video. 

So. At the Golden Globes, on a night when Time’s Up was the conversation, Justin Timberlake decides to promote his own song, after not giving his wife the courtesy of having a name, even though she’s the reason they’re going to the Globes in the first place, and instead of mentioning HER nomination – which was her first – he chooses instead to remind us that he’s the one with TWO of them. 

Umm…thanks….honey? Thanks for letting the people know that I only got my first after you got two. 

And we are not done here. Of course we’re not done. Because then JT and Jessica Biel hit the red carpet for interviews. This is what happened when they were interviewed on E! (skip to 0:35 for the exact moment).


He couldn’t do it. He could not let her speak without interjecting. “Craft services!” At which point the entire interview becomes about how she wouldn’t have been able to deliver the performance in The Sinner that earned her a Golden Globe nomination had it not been for him staying at home with the baby. Which means, you guessed it!, her achievement became ABOUT HIM. 

This is why the title of this post is “Justin Timberlake went to the Golden Globes”. Because that’s what happened. He went to the Globes. Jessica Biel was nominated for a Golden Globe so that Justin Timberlake could go to the Golden Globes. 

Time’s Up?

When? WHEN the f-ck will time be up?

It’s always his f-cking time. He’s always taking up ALL THE TIME. He’s taking up so much time that, on social media, on Sunday night, not once did he congratulate Jessica Biel.

So congratulations, Jessica Biel. Congratulations. On your first Golden Globe nomination. For your work in The Sinner.