Justin Timberlake and the Women

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Justin Timberlake presented at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast yesterday, announcing scholarships to young women as part of the mentorship program. 



That’s a thing that actually happened. 

Justin Timberlake. At an event meant to honour women, lift up women, support women. 

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Did he honour, lift up, and support Janet Jackson? 

People are still mad at Kanye West for interrupting Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs in 2009. You know what happened to Taylor after that? She became even more successful. Why is no one mad at Justin f-cking Timberlake for selling out Janet Jackson and not standing by her in the aftermath of the Super Bowl controversy and saving his own ass instead? She lost a decade – or more – of her career. 

Here’s what Justin said at the event yesterday:

"Strong, beautiful souls. I’m happy to be here to be your arm candy. Angelina [Jolie] warned me that I was basically only here to be objectified, so that’s absolutely fair," he said during his speech. "People like Angelina, Sherry [Lansing], Shonda [Rhimes], Nancy [Dubuc] and you strong people that are younger than me, really, that I looked up to all of you.
The singer/actor showed appreciation for his mother and his wife Jessica Biel, saying, "I was raised by a strong woman. I was lucky enough to convince a strong woman to marry me, and she got nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award today. I will be her bitch anytime.

To the men in this room. I see a lot of great men who I also look up to. I think we actually are here because we deserve the opportunity to speak up, to stand when something is not right," he added. "We need to go to work. It’s not our responsibility. It’s our privilege because at the end of the day if you can be lucky enough to be raised by a strong woman and convince a strong woman to marry you, you will realize that we are nothing without the strength of women."

I don’t remember him taking “the opportunity to speak up, to stand when something is not right” when Janet was blackballed by the industry, her album was written off, and her career was in the sh-ts while he walked up on stage two weeks after Nipplegate to accept a Grammy, f-cker. 

“We need to go to work.” WHEN? WHEN DID YOU GO TO WORK!?!?

And why is it that every time he talks about his wife, it has to be on HIS terms? 

“Convince a strong woman to marry you” means that she married him because HE MADE IT HAPPEN, you goddamn fool. The action is on YOU. It has nothing to do with her being “strong”, it only has to do with you being convincing.

Last night I was texting back and forth with my friend Lorella who hates JT as much as I do. Watching Lorella pop off about JT is a beautiful thing. We talked about how they’ve done a really, really great job with JT hypnosis over the years. They’ve hypnotised almost everyone into believing that he can sing and that he can act and that he’s just so f-cking funny and that he’s likeable. But if you actually snap your fingers in someone’s face and ask them to challenge that assumption, just a little bit, the illusion falls apart pretty quickly, at least in my experience. “Now that I think about it, he really is only good on SNL.” 


And to prove that point, Sarah’s review of Wonder Wheel is coming up next. 

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