Justin Timberlake is producing a new game show called Spin the Wheel, premiering on Fox this upcoming season and offering, potentially, the biggest prize in television history: $20 million. Justin came up with the idea with Andrew Glassman and there’s been a bidding war among networks. Per THR

Described as a suspenseful, high-energy mix of pop culture trivial strategy and luck, Spin the Wheel pits contestants against a 40-foot wheel. Throughout the game, players add cash to the wheel's wedges by correctly answering trivia questions. Incorrect responses add wedges that could bring the cash total down to zero. Contestants must decide whether to walk away or risk it all and spin the wheel one last time.

As you know, if you’ve been visiting this site over the years, Justin Timberlake is not my favourite. He is one of my least favourites. Still, this is a great idea. Pop culture trivia? Please. I’m all over it. I want to apply to be on it. I would KILL it. And f-ck I would so love that. I would so love to take $20 million off that motherf-cker and when he asked me who to make the cheque out to I’d say, please make sign that cash over to my foundation. It’s called #NeverForget. 

So, yes, game showing is totally in Justin’s lane. That’s 100% where he lives. He’s a f-cking game show host, top hat and cane and all hammy hammy stupid jokey cheeseball who thinks he’s funnier than he is. But he’s actually not hosting. The host will be Dax Shepard. And presumably Justin will pop in from time to time, to remind Dax that he’s his boss and, no doubt, walk out to the applause when he needs a hit of ME! ME! ME! 

Please God, please let there be a trivia question about Janet Jackson. It’s doubtful. It’s probably in the contract that never, in the history of the show, will a trivia question about Janet and Justin and the Super Bowl ever be allowed to be asked. But if there’s a game show writer out there who can sneak it in, please God, make that contestant a Janet Jackson fan. And let that person read the f-cking sh-t out of the show’s punk ass executive producer AND take all the money. I’ve just scripted my new daydream. I will apply.