Justin Timberlake is promoting Trolls World Tour. He did a song with SZA for the movie called “The Other Side”. And Anderson .Paak is also on the film soundtrack. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago when “The Other Side” came out, the song is good because of SZA. She did him a favour and made it better. Because she’s SZA. Remember, when he was on his own for Trolls last time, the song (“Can’t Stop the Feeling”) ended up being named the Most Annoying Song of the Year. 

How do you think JT showed his appreciation for SZA? He, SZA, and Anderson were on Ellen this week. And, well, this is the part everyone is talking about:

Can you let her talk? Can you let her answer the question that was directed to her? He does NOT stop. He is constantly trying to get himself in there. He is literally speaking for her: “I been in the gym!” And it’s not like it’s just me (for YEARS now) pointing out that this man is constantly stepping on people’s time. #NeverForget #JusticeForJanet 

No, no. This is not just me. Twitter came for him. You can read the comments below that tweet or follow this link. Here’s an example: 

A few years ago, this wouldn’t have happened. A few years ago, people were still shoved up his ass. But he’s shown his ass enough times that now, while for sure he has his cheerleaders, enough people know that Justin Timberlake is all about Justin Timberlake. And he still can’t stop himself!

Is this… almost… reassuring? 

Like in a time of crisis and uncertainty, at least we can always count on this dude to come through. For himself.