Kaia Gerber turned 19 in September which means two weeks ago she voted for the first time. Leading up to the election she was pretty active on social media, like so many people of her generation, encouraging her followers to learn about the issues and the process and, well, I don’t think there was any doubt about how she voted considering she spoke to Naomi and Natalie Biden, granddaughters of Joe Biden, and shared the conversation on Instagram: 


They’re of course targeting their own demographic, teens and young adults, to start participating in elections for democracy to work. As Kaia admits in the video above, there was a time when she didn’t care; it took a crisis for her to care. But she’s trying to show up. And, as she wrote on election day, her first time was a pretty special: 

I don’t check Kaia’s IG a lot. So I only found out today about her book club. Until recently it was every week; she’s now changed it to every other week – which is still pretty often by book club standards, right? Maybe it’s different for some book clubs during the pandemic but I don’t know that I’d want to be doing a book club every week or other week. Part of that may be because I have inlectio and still, with or without inlectio, we’re already on too many Zoom etc calls! 


Please. That’s an old people complaint. People Kaia’s age are probably on video chat every f-cking minute. So if some of those minutes are about books, great. 

Here’s something else I forgot about on her Instagram though – she and Jacob Elordi went Instagram official on Halloween as Elvis and Priscilla Presley. Flip through the carousel if you missed it the first time: 

It’s been just over three months since news broke that they were dating. Here they are this morning visiting some friends, matching in their just-got-out-of-bed looks. I mean, I don’t know that these are “looks” and just that they obviously actually just got out of bed. So… are they living together now/already? 

Young celebrity love. It moves FAST. As we have seen so many times before, they go from “hi” to “serious” in a day.