For some people, in certain territories, reopening doesn’t necessarily mean giving up everything we did during lockdown. Fashion habits, for instance, have changed. I don’t want to go back to what fashion was before COVID. Joggers and slouchy pants were always part of my wardrobe pre-pandemic, and that’s only increased now, even when I get back out there. I was in heels yesterday for a shoot for the whole day and my feet are killing me today so I will be greatly reducing how often I wear heels when and if we get back into studio full-time. 


For other people, though, they can’t wait to get dressed up again – and I feel like Kate Beckinsale is one of them. Kate reliably served looks before quarantine, sometimes overserved looks, something I’ve joked about over the years, and now? I take all that back, I apologise, I am sorry for that mocking tone because now that we know what it’s like to miss it, I will never, ever, ever complain about it again. If Kate wants to wear a ballgown to a basketball game, BRING IT. 

Kate is currently promoting a new film, Jolt. Here she is in a cute shorts set earlier this week. 


And today she’s in New York, in a floral off-the-shoulder fitted dress with pink heels, highhhhh heels, ready to show us all the outfits. Keep them coming. 

As for Jolt… can we talk about how young she looks in this movie? In this shot, she could pass for 25: 


She could also pass for Nicole Kidman. I’ve never seen the similarity before but as a blonde, it’s unmistakable, non? Here’s another example: 

Can you see it?