Kate Beckinsale was with Pete Davidson in New York last weekend. I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos of them kissing at the hockey game. I was going to write about that on Monday but we were having tech issues on the site and I never got around to it. I was going to write about it on Tuesday but then there was an update (which we’ll get to in a minute) so I wanted to wait, see if there would be a response to the update. Then the whole f-cking thing turned into a meme. And now she’s responded to the meme – which, yeah, means I’ve conserved a whole lot of energy and can condense it all into one post but…did you think this story would have so many legs?!? 

Let’s start at the beginning with those kissing shots and my takeaway from that situation: PDA stands for Pete Davidson Affection. In public. That’s two for two for him now – when he’s dating someone, he wants to show it. Doesn’t seem like he minds the eyeballs. It was that way with Ariana Grande and it’s that way now with Kate B. Like, sure, she’s into it too but he’s the one carrying the trend. Understandably. He never thought a girl like Ariana would pay attention to a guy like him. Same probably goes for Kate. And being with Kate, there’s probably an added flex factor. This is how he’s publicly bouncing back from the very public end of his engagement with Ariana. But what’s in it for Kate? 

You’ve probably heard about her ex, Matt Rife, doing an “on the street” TMZ interview the other day during which, when asked if he had any advice for Pete, told him to “run”

So that was a story for a minute. Until people realised…who is Matt Rife? Apparently he’s a comedian. He and Pete Davidson have the same job then? Only Pete Davidson has the dream job that Matt wants? And now Pete Davidson is dating Matt’s ex-girlfriend? Right, OK, so that’s exactly what that is. 

And then there’s the meme. I don’t know that the meme was all that big of a deal in and of itself but Kate made it a bigger deal when she responded to it:


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The headlines about her comment are the latest. That’s almost a whole week of staying in the conversation, repeatedly getting bumped up to the top of the page. Kate B’s showing us her gossip game.