Did you see Kate Hudson’s black dress in Venice the other day? She made a joke about it on Instagram. Here’s the dress: 

Kate Hudson attends the Celebration of Women in Cinema Gala hosted by The Red Sea Film Festival during the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 04, 2021 in Venice, Italy.

Here’s the joke:

She looks great, and she’s wearing the sh-t out if it, but … I guess after all this conditioning… it doesn’t seem all that risqué to me?


Anyway, last night in New York, another celebrity with K.H. initials, Katie Holmes, showed up in a similar-ish look: 

Katie Holmes attends the Vacheron Constantin Flagship Grand Opening on September 08, 2021 in New York City

While Kate’s was styled for high glamour on a red carpet, Katie’s version is styled down, almost like she came straight to the event, and this is NY Fashion Week, from the beach – her hair’s tousled, her cheeks are rosy as if she’s spent all day in the sun, that black shirt casually thrown over the dress, and the sneakers on the bottom. This is an intentional vibe, and it works, I’m into it. 

Kate Hudson, by the way, is now in NY too and was seen last night out for dinner in a pink, purple pantsuit with Danny Fujikawa. Kate’s been on the move for months now, holidaying and then shooting in Greece, then Venice for the festival, and now New York for fashion week.