Kate Hudson is shooting a new film called Sister, written by Sia who is also directing. Not much is known about the project other than the fact that it’s based on a short story that Sia wrote about 10 years ago and that, like most of Sia’s work, Maddie Ziegler will be involved. 


My girl @Katehudson being a delight on set.

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The big story so far is that Kate’s role requires a major makeover – she’s shaved her head. Here she is on set yesterday in the makeup chair with her head buzzed and a lot darker. Which, obviously, will be one of the major talking points whenever they’re ready to start talking about the movie. Kate Hudson’s had pretty much one “look” her entire career – the hair, the dress choices, the entire style profile, there’s never really been that much variety. So I’m excited to see how the hair change might give us, finally, a new Kate Hudson vibe. That said, prepare yourself for the inevitable, eyerolly “brave” description to refer to her cutting her hair. Some asshole is going to do it for sure.

But she does look GREAT like this, doesn’t she? She totally has the head for it, nicely rounded at the back and coming in to the neck on a gradual curve. This is not my back of the head situation which is why I’m so fixated. The back of my head is flat, almost a straight line from my neck to the top of my head. And my hairline goes pretty low down my neck. Which makes for a not very attractive side view. It’s incongruous, almost unnatural looking, totally wonky. Which means I can never, ever buzz my head even though I want to try it once, so badly.