Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada, so we will be dark on October 10. Enjoy the long weekend, and Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, and Leslie Odom, Jr. were at the Mill Valley Film Festival to support Glass Onion, all looking very spiffy, indeed. (Go Fug Yourself)


I am not invested in whatever feud is happening between Bethenny Frankel and Kylie Jenner, but apparently Frankel, who must be dead bored, is on TikTok reviewing beauty products and she ripped into Kylie Cosmetics for charging $175 for a “Birthday PR Box”, the products inside of which can be bought for $58 without the special packaging. So, it’s a $117 cardboard box. Over-packaging is a big problem in the beauty industry, in general—I wish more cosmetic companies would pay attention to over-packaging their products—but this has the added foil of upcharging for the wasteful box. Brilliant scam AND choking our landfills, the $117 is for the evil genius who thought of this at Kylie Cosmetics. (DListed)

Michael Mann, the most romantic of our bleak post-modern American filmmakers, is back at work, at long last making his passion project, Ferrari, the story of Enzo Ferrari. Adam Driver is starring as the legendary Italian racer and carmaker. The first photo was released of Driver as Enzo Ferrari, and is just me, or does he look like Slenderman. (Popsugar)


Everyone is watching what King Charles does with the various royal titles and HRHs littering his extended family. Of course, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have their titles but don’t use the HRH, Prince Andrew isn’t supposed to use his HRH, but there are the York princesses, and the Dukes of Kent and Gloucester still use the HRH designation (though that will time out naturally, when their sons inherit, they become “Your Grace” and not “Your Royal Highness”). Charles has long talked about streamlining the monarchy, and his actions regarding the Sussex children will look a lot less suss if he takes away a bunch of titles and HRHs at once, and not just theirs. I bet we do see some title adjustments, not right away, but in the next few years. (Celebitchy)

Brian Grubb is one of my favorite writers on the internet, and here he delivers once again, in an ode to King Viserys, the most miserable bag of bones in Westeros. This elderly man just wants everyone in his terrible family to shut the f-ck up for five seconds, but he knows no peace. I don’t think anyone involved with HOT D is trying to make anybody relatable, but Viserys, by virtue of his misery, is the most relatable character by default for his general “please leave me out of this for once” vibe. Once again, Brian is both right and funny. (Uproxx)