The Knives Out 2 casting director is like Oprah handing out cars—you get a Knives Out! And you get a Knives Out! And YOU get a Knives Out!!! The cast is already stuffed with incredible people, and the latest inclusions include Leslie Odom, Jr. and Kate Hudson, who co-starred together in Sia’s disastrous film, Music. Odom, who also starred in One Night In Miami and found himself nominated for several major awards, including two Oscars, has not had to wear Music at all. Does anyone even realize he was in it? Odom’s 2020 is defined by One Night In Miami. Hudson, on the other hand, is stuck with that albatross. She won a Razzie for Worst Actress for it, and while the Razzies frequently go for names guaranteed to garner headlines over the actual worst of the worst films, in this case, they’re not wrong. Music is indefensibly bad. Everyone involved should have known better, and Odom is lucky he had Miami to distract everyone.


Hudson, then, is lucky she can move on from the nadir of Music with Knives Out 2. (She’s also co-starring with Michael Shannon in an adaptation of Chris Belden’s novel, Shriver, and is in Ana Lily Amirpour’s next project. Neither of those are surefire bets, but they cannot POSSIBLY be worse than Music, and I say that as someone who loathed Amirpour’s last movie.) I can’t decide which I prefer for my ever-evolving Knives Out fanfiction, if Hudson were to play the 40-ish version of her bubbly rom-com persona, or if she were to go full blonde bitch and play a Hitchcockian ice queen. Both would be good! Perhaps she could play a bubbly divorcee, the opposite of Kathryn Hahn’s Debauched Divorcee, only for her vivacious persona to be revealed as a façade all along! Hudson has the range for it, and I do legit think she could deliver an interesting twist on the Hitchcock Blonde archetype. But mostly, I am just imagining this movie as a series of fabulous women in fabulous outfits, parading in golden Mediterranean light, giving each other Meaningful Looks while engaged in Spicy Dialogue about Who Did The Murder.

Attached - Kate Hudson out for a walk with Danny Fujikawa yesterday in LA.