You may think you’ve seen this before but the shots are new – here are Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr walking hand-in-hand in New York yesterday. As they do. Almost every day. And most days the paps are able to find them. It’s now become sort of a routine? Maybe not for them but in terms of coverage, for the short time they’ve been together, they’re not exactly the unicorn of famous couples. Or, more accurately, the unicorn of couples where the famous person makes the non-famous person famous by romance. Perhaps the strategy here is that the more routine it becomes the more routine it will be? 


You know what’s not routine?

This white tank top on Katie.

A white tank, yes, is a routine, a wardrobe staple. By the straps on this one look different to me, the width of them, the way they’re cut, slightly inward from the armpits. Just me? It’s a cute tank. And, to me, a white tank always looks best with a black bra. Always. 

Do people still think that white should always layer white? Because that, really, just looks like underwear. Wearing a black bra underneath a white tank is much more of a style choice. 

This whole look is good, actually. Love the fit of those jeans, like trousers. And the oxfords work really well too. You think Emilio’s going to start expanding his wardrobe for the weeks ahead?