At Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammys gala on Saturday night. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx arrived together and actually allowed themselves to be photographed together. Finally. And they actually look comfortable. It wasn’t like that the whole night though. According to Vanity Fair:  

Davis, 85, explained to the audience at the night’s beginning that he has always found it irritating to have to wait while the set changes between performances at an event with multiple acts. His solution? While the stagehands would switch out the equipment on stage, Davis would introduce various members of the audience to everyone in the crowd….

And in one case, Davis inadvertently created some gossipy buzz: he started to introduce Katie Holmes, noting that he had wanted to introduce her earlier in the evening, presumably when he had been introducing her long-rumored but never quite official boyfriend, Jamie Foxx, but she “had stepped out for two minutes.” He added, “She’s sitting with Jamie.” But when the camera moved in on where she was supposed to be seated, only Jamie was visible on the overhead screen. Eventually the cameras found Holmes, who had moved to sit at a different table, one away from Foxx (photographs show that the famously private pair had been sitting together earlier, and reconvened at the same table later). Holmes’s face, as Davis discussed her and the camera remained fixed on her, was one of supreme discomfort. Davis assessed, referencing their often coy behavior, “If you’re going to sit together, what better night than tonight.” When all the guests spilled out of the ballroom at about midnight, Foxx was surrounded by a group of friends, but Holmes was nowhere in sight.

Translation: he hit up the after-party and she went home. 

Katie and Jamie were both at the Grammys last night but they kept their distance. She walked the carpet as a presenter and he was seen inside the event hanging out with everyone but his girlfriend. It’s generally accepted gossip that Katie and Jamie are now a lot more chill about being seen together because we’ve passed the 5 year mark since her divorce from Tom Cruise. OK, sure. But now we’ve passed the 5 year mark. And they’re still so in and out. Allowing yourself to be photographed at the table together and then moving to a different table and looking uncomfortable when called out by Clive Davis and then deliberately avoiding each other the next night at the Grammys is in and out. And if the 5 year thing isn’t a thing anymore, then what’s the problem? Is the problem, maybe, that Jamie doesn’t want it to look too official too publicly? 

This is one of the few Zac Posens that she’s worn that I like on her so much – top to bottom Katie’s styling at the Grammys was on point. I’m not entirely sure why she was a presenter though, and solo at that. What’s the connection here? She’s not promoting a CBS television series. As far as I know, she’s not releasing an album. She’s not known for singing movies like, say, Anna Kendrick. No shade, but, for example, Kelly Clarkson, who is a multiple Grammy winner, and a nominee last night, and is a big f-cking deal in music, was paired with Nick Jonas. I don’t understand these decisions.