I was supposed to get to this yesterday and then Archie happened. Do we still care about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx? 

Katie Holmes was part of the Zac Posen group on Monday at the Met Gala. They all went together in a party bus. Katie and Jamie didn’t pose on the pink carpet or the steps, but they allowed themselves to be photographed together, standing, inside the party – the first time that’s happened since they started dealing with each other over five years ago. 

So it’s something. 

What does it mean? 

People are reading into this like it means they’re now going public, that Met Gala official means it’ll be everything official pretty soon. I guess it’s possible. But I wonder if there’s a simpler explanation behind this photo: Anna Wintour. 

She approves the guest list. She knows exactly who’s coming and where they’re sitting. Remember in the documentary, The First Monday in May, now available on Netflix, there was that whole scene where she was talking about an unnamed guest and she approved his attendance but on the condition that he not be on his cell phone the whole time? “Maybe send him that message” was the instruction she gave the invitation coordinator at the end of that conversation.

Who’s to say she didn’t give that instruction to Katie and Jamie? Please don’t skulk around my party like you’re playing cloak and dagger. My party is exclusive. Nobody has to skulk. If you’re going to be photographed anywhere, it’s going to be my party. 

That, to me, is how this photo happened.