Katie Holmes turned 40 yesterday and celebrated over dinner at Serendipity in New York with Jamie Foxx and her mother, Kathleen. Both Katie and Jamie were photographed but, as usual, they arrived and left separately so as to not give up any shots together. 

It’s now been five years since we first started talking about Katie + Jamie, a well-documented milestone because of all those rumours about there being a five year contract that she supposedly agreed to when she divorced Tom Cruise. I don’t really understand this because it’s not like no one knew. As established, we were talking about it. Does not showing up in photos together mean there’s plausible deniability? Would that even hold up? Whatever. Five years or not, divorce deal or not, they’re still going in and out of places apart to remain as private as possible about their relationship. There can be no doubt, however, about how serious it is at this point though, right? Not just because of how long it’s been but, you know, if he’s hanging out at Katie’s 40th birthday dinner with her ma, well, that’s definitely a certain level of familiarity.

In other Katie news, she posted about Tara Westover’s memoir, Educated, on Instagram the other day: 


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Have you read it? I read it a couple of months ago, it’s a fascinating story. Tara was raised by radical survivalists in Idaho. Their family was isolated. They didn’t go to school, working on their father’s junkyard instead. She didn’t have a birth certificate. She never went to the doctor. They were completely off the grid, until she decided to leave home at 17 and get educated, after her father became more and more unstable. Tara now has a PhD from Cambridge University and she and her family are estranged. 

I wonder if the book rights are available and, if so, whether or not Katie might be interested? Before Reese Witherspoon, that is.