Katie Holmes is promoting Brahms: The Boy II. I assume this is a sequel. If so, I’ve never heard of the first one but, then again, scary movies are not my thing. It comes out in February and Katie covers two magazines – the December 2019 issue of ELLE UK and SHAPE. Not surprisingly, she doesn’t say much. Like I’m surprised there have been headlines about it because there’s nothing really here. What’s getting the most traction is what she has to say about becoming a mother in her 20s but… I mean… come on, it’s a stretch to call that interesting. 

The most interesting part in her ELLE UK profile is what she doesn’t want to talk about. This part specifically:

“Before our interview, we tell her PR we would like to do a video where Holmes talks about her style through the ages. Nothing complex. Certainly nothing too personal. We are asked to submit the images, and we are told to remove many of them. (Coincidentally, they’re images that coincide with her time with Cruise.) The girl next door’s steel guard is up.”

The story here is not that she doesn’t want to talk about Tom Cruise – this isn’t new – but that there is, in her life, as noted by the writer, Sam Baker, “a lost decade”, which is the time she spent with Tom Cruise. In public, we are, along with her, supposed to pretend it didn’t happen. And it would seem like she actively operates as if those years never existed, that the person she was in that time never was, but for the fact that, of course, there’s her daughter. It’s a fascinating way to manage a career and especially an acting a career because few careers are as meticulously tracked as an actor’s. Your resumé is, literally, seen by millions of people. 

Katie, in addition to acting, is now directing. So, naturally, she wants to be known for that work – and that’s fair. The problem is that… well… is the audience really watching that work? What’s your first answer to the question “Name a Katie Holmes Movie/TV Show”? Is it anything from the last five years? Seven years? This decade? 

I’m not trying to be mean. But if we’re having an objective conversation about her work and how she’s managed her celebrity, most of her work, especially in the last few months, has been in front of the camera in a different way: style. And, if you’ve been visiting this site over the years, you know that Style Is Work. Style is a work asset. Clothes are part of the job – look no further than the success of Zendaya and how she, along with Law Roach, built a robust career out of great looks. This is why Law calls himself an “image architect”. 

Since breaking up with Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes has architected a new image. In September, I called it her glow-up and we’ve seen her in fire outfit after fire outfit, including one especially fire outfit that turned into a viral moment: the cashmere bra and cardigan – it was the Outfit of the Week that week:    


She was asked about it in this ELLE UK interview. Katie insists it wasn’t intentional and, sure, maybe it wasn’t, but it doesn’t matter. The cashmere bra-cardigan became a THING. It sold out in an hour.  Fashion blogs were all over it. Vogue was all over it. And from there, she kept building.

THAT is the impact of a great outfit. 

And that’s why we’re here now. Katie Holmes celebrated being single with an “accidental” style win. She carried that win through the fall, showing up almost daily at event after event, in one excellent outfit after another, like this one…


…so that even though the “lost decade” remains a mystery, and even though there still may not be all that much personality to uncover in the new decade, there is the emergence of a style personality, and that can be a show unto itself. The work is in the presentation. 

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