Last Thanksgiving Katie Holmes did the Turkey Trot with her sister and her brother-in-law. This is an event that’s common in many cities across North America. I’ve done two of them in Vancouver. Basically you sign up to go for a 5-10k (depending on the city) on Thanksgiving day to burn off some calories before the feast and part of the proceeds from the registration fees goes to local food banks. Here’s Katie’s post about it from 2019:

And then she tucked into a bottle of wine. 

Will Thanksgiving look different for Katie this year? She has a boyfriend this year. Here she is with Emilio Vitolo Jr buying flowers last night before heading home. Since people aren’t supposed to be travelling this holiday, presumably Katie will be staying in NYC for Thanksgiving instead of heading to Ohio where her family is based. And it’ll obviously be her first with Emilio since, um, last Thanksgiving he was engaged to someone else. 

Emilio’s family has a restaurant. Do you dare offer to cook when you’re dating a dude who belongs to a family of chefs? 

Katie was seen a few days ago out for lunch with Suri who is now… 14 years old! A proper teenager growing up in New York. Who probably is into all kinds of teenage sh-t and has a secret TikTok account because all teens have secret lives. Like a real life Gossip Girl life.