Last week I compared Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr to Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas – are they the celebrity couple of the ‘rona second wave? I mean, there’s an obvious clout imbalance here but the point is that Katie and Emilio are as visible in this early part of their relationship as Ben and Ana were. And here they are, serving up a few sightings over the weekend, walking around New York and also hanging out with Emilio’s dad for a meal….which, to me, is a choice. 


You don’t walk past a meal. You sit down for a while. Which means the paps had time to shoot. And it’s not like Katie wouldn’t have known or expected for the paps to find them. It’s been three weeks – they’ve been found, constantly. I’m not saying she invites it but, really, how much does she mind it? After a five year relationship with someone who seemed to be completely unwilling to acknowledge their situation, it feels like her pendulum is swing-shotting in the exact opposite direction. 

Speaking of that dude though…

Jamie Foxx apparently checked into a hotel with a mystery woman the other night. They arrived around midnight and according to the paps, he left around 11am the next morning. The two looked to be holding hands at one point when they were out of the car. Times change, things change, but not so much that showing up at a hotel at midnight with someone and then leaving a few hours later doesn’t mean what it’s always meant, non? 

Or, I dunno, maybe they were doing an overseas business conference call and need a quiet place to talk with a strong internet connection?