Do you miss Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas? After months and months of multiple weekly sightings of them walking the dogs, and holding hands, and kissing, and going for coffee and donuts in LA, we haven’t seen them in a month …or so? It’s been a while. Because Ben is filming The Last Duel in Ireland and, last we checked, Ana was there with him. Significantly less paparazzi in the Emerald Isle. Ben and Ana were supposed to be starting promotion soon for Deep Water, directed by Adrian Lyne, the film some are calling an erotic thriller. Deep Water was initially scheduled for release in November. As Sarah just covered earlier today, they’ve now pushed it back to August 2021. I wonder what Ben and Ana will be by then. 


Anyway, in the absence of Ben and Ana and their romantic reassurance, another couple has taken their place, at least in terms of sightings. Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr has been as visible in the early days of their relationship as Ben and Ana used to be. Every day lately we’ve seen them in New York and right up in each other’s faces. So far, today, I’ve not seen any new shots yet but it’s still early. And yesterday they were walking around hand in hand outside her apartment. That, on my count, is three times this week so far. 

So maybe this is another six month cycle. First six months of pandemic in North America it was the BenAna show. Second six months of pandemic in North America… it’s the Katie-Emilio show? Do we have a portmanteau for them yet? OMG OMG OMG.


Do you all have Catelli in the US? Like pasta? 


Sorry. I will exit through a hole in the ground now.