It was a quiet second half of 2021 for Katie Holmes, right? She and Emilio Vitolo Jr broke up in the spring and she spent the next several months working on Rare Objects, a film she’s directing from a script she co-wrote based on the book of the same name by Kathleen Tessaro. 


We do have our first two sightings of Katie in 2022 though – first on Monday in a really lovely green overcoat (it’s Mango, which is pretty accessible, although I’m pretty sure it’s sold out now) and then yesterday in a white coat, over a pair of brown cords (corduroy is everywhere right now), a cream turtleneck, and a Fair Isle sweater. 

Let’s talk about the Fair Isle sweater. It started coming up big on my shopping feed about two, two and a half years ago and it hasn’t stopped and I haven’t stopped thinking about getting one, since it also works with my whole “school uniform” style vibe… only there’s been nowhere to go in the winter over the last almost-24 months because of this never-ending pandemic and I don’t really like wearing sweaters inside my house. 


Sweaters, to me, are for “going out”, not at home. They’re too hot at home. Also I have shedding dogs, and that’s always a problem with sweater material. A Fair Isle sweater is too pretty to ruin with dog fur and not be seen. That’s another thing – I rarely dislike a Fair Isle sweater. Fair Isle sweaters work in almost every colour combination from browns to yellows to pinks and purples and greens and … maybe not red. Red and white might be my least favourite Fair Isle jam, but everything else goes, and Katie’s as you can see, is great. Here’s the one I’ve had my eye on for months – what I like about it is that the turtleneck is built in and the brown is so rich. But I can’t pull the trigger for all the reasons I’ve cited above and I think it looks itchy and the price too. For some people a Fair Isle sweater is an investment piece since historically they were handmade and known to be handed down generation by generation but that’d be a stretch for someone like me to claim to be shopping for descendants, lol, and yes, this is how much space Fair Isle sweaters have taken up in my mind. Like a LOT.