We work with a stylist, Maggie, on The Social. And my whole jam this fall is oversized sweaters. It’s not cold enough yet to wear them but at least once a week, I asked Maggie to find me some gorgeous sweaters to wear over brightly coloured tights to go with my new combat boots. No heels. Just flat, funky combat boots. I’ve stocked up on several shades – silver, black, red, white. COMFORT, right? It’s winter. Nobody needs a goddamn waistline! 

Here’s Katie Holmes in a gorgeous oversized sweater that she decide to ruin with over-the-thigh boots. I may be biased, because I don’t like a thigh-high boot and have never owned a pair (the highest boot I have is a slouchy mid-calf) but this is not the look. Rather, it’s an apology. If you are going to wear a sweater as a dress, wear the f-ck out of the sweater as a dress. Why compensate with the boots like it’s half a pair of pants?