Katy Perry can’t keep a breakup. She got back together with John Mayer two times before it stuck. And now, apparently, she might be back together with Orlando Bloom.

Katy and Orly were both at the Ed Sheeran show at Staples Centre on Saturday night. Fans took photos of the two of them looking pretty close during the concert. And they were also seen holding hands backstage. So last week Katy was supposedly getting up on Robert Pattinson. Now it’s Orlando again? Given her past, with John Mayer, I definitely believe the Orly option. Also when they split a few months ago, it was characterised as a “break”. They released a statement saying they were “taking respectful, loving space” from each other. So maybe we should have known that it wasn’t permanent. As for Orlando, well, being with Katy last year was the most relevant he’d been in years. And not being with Katy anymore restored him to his previous insignificance. Now we’re talking about him again.

But should we be talking about something else?

Ed Sheeran is one of Taylor Swift’s best friends. And Katy Perry’s at his show and going backstage. Earlier this year, Katy and Ed hung out at the BRIT Awards and seemed like they got on very well. Katy’s been getting closer with a few of some of Taylor’s biggest allies, Selena Gomez included. At one point do the friends bring the frenemies together?