Are we fighting about this? Probably some of you hate it. Maybe you think it’s ugly? 

F-ck, no. I love it. This is my whole sh-t: top to bottom print, and the more Golden Girls it is, the better. I thought at first this was a dress. Taking a closer look, this is two pieces. Doesn’t matter. I like the way it’s tucked, the way it’s bloused. And I love the high collar, the billowing sleeves…

This is how I think these prints should be cut. When these prints are on body-con dresses, that’s when – to me at least – you get into problems. Let the print claim its Golden Girls legacy. Those women are icons. Is it really an insult to be compared in any f-cking way to the Golden Girls? Come on now. 

That said, I’m so done with the colours in her hair now. This outfit would have been so much better if it wasn’t clashing with the hair.