When first we heard of the possibility of Keanu Reeves starring in the forever-delayed adaptation of The Devil in the White City, I said that a lot of people talk to him, not every deal closes, so I’m not holding my breath”. Well guess what? Keanu said yes! He will star in a limited series adaptation of White City for Hulu. Still not sure if he’s playing architect Daniel Burnham or serial killer H.H. Holmes, still kind of can’t see him as either, but I WILL TAKE IT. I’ve been waiting for this adaptation for twelve goddamn years, I am hardly going to complain that it will star KEANU REEVES (especially since it was first developed as a Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle. I will take Keanu over Leo every day of the week). Martin Scorsese and DiCaprio are producing, Keanu will also executive produce—impossible to know if that means actual creative involvement or is just part of his compensation package—and Todd Field is directing the first couple of episodes. 


Now that this long-awaited miracle is finally happening, I can turn my attention to making increasingly unlikely wishes for what this series will be. For instance, I am halfway hoping Keanu plays both Burnham AND Holmes in an epic dual performance. Or what if Keanu plays Benjamin Pitezel, Holmes’s unfortunate assistant?! That would be unexpected. I really wish we knew who Keanu is playing, because I can’t accurately fantasy cast this series until we know if we’re getting Good Keanu or Rare But Effective Bad Keanu. Also, lowkey hoping the series makes use of intentional anachronisms—music, style, et cetera—to underline that this takes place at the birth of “modern America”. They’re probably going to go for total historical accuracy, but Holmes was a huckster (with a murderous streak) who would fit right into today’s culture of scammers (but with more murder). Anyway, super excited The Devil in the White City is FINALLY happening, and I cannot wait to find out who Keanu is playing.