Our summer started out strong with all kinds of Keanu Reeves content and domination. He’s still dominating, but he isn’t as accessible or visible as he was in May and June promoting all his movies and video games and proving that he’s more beloved than so many of his generational peers who’ve disappointed us. 

Keanu has been, for the last few weeks, shooting Bill & Ted Face the Music in New Orleans. There are new photos from the last few days that are an excellent Friday treat. First, Keanu shooting a scene as Ted, dressed in a corny purple tuxedo, with Alex Winter as Bill in a blue one, packing up their instruments after presumably f-cking up a gig. Like what else would happen where these two are concerned? It has to be a scene from the movie because when, in real life, have you ever seen Keanu look that stressed. He might look forlorn or contemplative now and again but he never looks STRESSED, you know? 

And there are also shots of Keanu in his own clothes leaving the hair and makeup trailer, fresh-faced. I have always loved his widow’s peak. 

But there’s another set that may be the most intriguing/provocative or alarming, depending on how you handle this sh-t. It’s Keanu in a Mohawk with an aggressive beard wearing a fitted gym shirt rolled up over his stomach. If you really want to see it, and I’m giving you time to think about it, click here. I’m not that bothered. I’m actually kind of intrigued. What are these two fools up to?