As we’ve said so many times in the past, where the big name movie stars are concerned, the ones who’ve been familiar to us for so long, it’s Keanu Reeves who we can be most confident will not be trending on Twitter for being problematic. I mean, the universe can still f-ck us in so many different ways so, sure, anything is possible. But… he’s reliably GOOD. And so, as we begin a new year that feels like it’s an extension of the trash that was the old year, here are a couple of shots of Keanu Reeves on the beach in Malibu. 


Keanu was working on Matrix 4 when COVID-19 arrived in the west. He returned to LA for a few weeks and then when lockdown restrictions resumed production in Berlin where he spent several months, along with his partner, Alexandra Grant. 

Production has now wrapped and the film is in post with a current release date of December 22, 2021 which means that we’re kicking off 2021 with these pictures of him on the beach and ending 2021 with him reprising one of his most iconic (and he has several of them) roles as Neo. That is, you know, if we can get back into theatres by then. That’s actually the timeline that a lot of experts have said – that we’ll be closer to “normal”, whatever that means, by the fall. So…next holiday season, we’ll be spending it with Keanu. Protect him! For all of us, protect him!