It’s been over 20 years since Keanu Reeves last performed live with his band Dogstar. This past weekend they were together again at the Napa Valley music festival, which wasn’t a total surprise since they had announced on Instagram last July that they had reunited: 


Keanu, Bret Domrose, and Rob Mailhouse started seriously jamming together again during the pandemic. They started with their old music and then progressed to writing new songs. Now there’s enough for a full album although they haven’t yet announced when it will be released but they did try out a few tracks on stage. As Keanu told Billboard:

“I missed playing together, I missed writing together, I missed doing shows together. It’s something I’ve always missed,” he admits. “We came to a spot where we weren’t playing anymore, and I missed it … Once we started to play, and it felt good, and really positive and creative, that’s when it was like, ‘Okay, let’s make this happen.’”

Video of some of the performance is below. So it’s a throwback and a comeback, but it’s not the only Keanu throwback that’s getting some attention right now. 


The other throwback comes courtesy of Kate Beckinsale. They worked together on Much Ado About Nothing which screened in Cannes in 1993. Kate shared a photo of the cast, including Denzel Washington, Keanu, and Robert Sean Leonard arriving at the red carpet with a story of what was really going on with her outfit. Which is that the snaps on her bodysuit popped open. 


If you’ve ever worn a cheap body suit, you might have had a familiar experience, because a bodysuit is meant to be stretched, the whole point is that it’s supposed to be pulled taut so that it’s another layer of skin on your body, designed to spring open when the snaps are released. So if those snaps aren’t secure, and sometimes they aren’t (the plastic ones are the worst), you have to bend over and dig around in there to get them snapped up again, if they’ll cooperate. I once had to f-cking tie the two ends together in a knot down there because only half of the row of snaps would click into place on a bodysuit and spent the next three hours with a literal ball of polyester up against my puss. 

Anyway, what Kate is telling us here is that Keanu and Robert Sean Leonard were holding her down, literally, from behind. Pulling on the fabric at the back of that bodysuit so that it wouldn’t ride up over the skirt or the pants she was wearing over it, which was the preferred option. Because otherwise she would have had to put her head and her hands between her legs in the limo, in front of DENZEL AND PAULETTA WASHINGTON, to get that mess buttoned up again. 


F-cking bodysuits! I hate them so much!