Dear Gossips, 

Have you seen the video of Keke Palmer pleading with members of the National Guard yesterday at a demonstration in support of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles yesterday? As the caption reads, please watch. 


Yesterday Kathleen was on The Social, talking about her experiences as a Black woman in Canada and how Black Canadians are processing not only what’s happening in America but right here in our country. Eloquent as ever, Kathleen told our viewers: 

“You’re seeing us plead for our humanity over and over again.”  

Please take the time to unpack these eleven words. Why does anyone have to plead for their humanity? And also… why do they have to do it OVER AND OVER AGAIN?!

What Keke Palmer was doing was pleading for the humanity of Black people. She and the people who were there, the people at all the protests taking place around the world shouldn’t have to. And f-ck, they especially shouldn’t have to do during a goddamn pandemic when people from marginalised communities are disproportionately affected by COVID-19. But they’ve been out there every day now for a week, putting their lives on the line to PLEAD FOR THEIR HUMANITY. 


So for those who’ve been reacting to the protests by focusing on “looting” and violence, please consider how we are centering violence. And how there are different kinds of violence. Statistics can be violent. Again Kathleen: 

Black people and allies aren’t just protesting all the racist killings, they’re protesting systemic racism. The murders happen because the system is rotten. Anti-Black racism suppresses opportunity for Black people. It restricts resources to underserved communities. It degrades Black physical and mental health. This dehumanises Black people. And it’s been happening, literally, for centuries. That is the violence that we’ve ignored forever. 

For resources on how you can support Black Lives Matters and organisations that are assisting those affected by both anti-Black racism and COVID-19, click here in Canada and click here in the United States. 

Yours in gossip,