Sorrrryyyyy. SORRY! I couldn’t help myself!


There’s been speculation for a while now about Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner and the status of their relationship because they haven’t been seen together in a few weeks. Then PEOPLE confirmed it yesterday, and there were no other details. Just that a source told them that the two have broken up. Which is basically a press release coming straight from one of their camps. Because if it was another kind of source we’d getting more information about why etc. 


Right now, though, that’s all Kris Jenner wants to share and if that’s all we’re getting, I suspect that it may not have been Kendall who was driving the split. 


Kendall and Benito were together for less than a year. Rumours first started about them in February and over the course of the summer they became more and more comfortable stepping out together. They were last together at the Balenciaga LA show at the beginning of the month but quiet ever since as we’re getting closer and closer to the holidays. Maybe it’s as simple as that – people are often more introspective than usual at this time of year, reflecting on the year that was, and how they want the next year to be. Right now it doesn’t seem like Kendall will be part of Benito’s 2024, although if Kris has anything to do with it, maybe she can engineer a second chapter. Because Bad Bunny was a HUGE get for her. And, frankly, it doesn’t get much bigger or better than Benito. Michael B Jordan just popped in my mind – he’s been single for a minute. MBJ has to be on Kris’s wish list. But can you imagine the f-cking backlash? This would be an example of a Gossip Un-Genie. As in asking the Gossip Genie for something NOT to happen, lol. 


Kendall has been in Aspen with friends, including the Biebers and Nina Dobrev and Shaun White. Benito’s whereabouts are unknown but it certainly doesn’t look like they’ll be spending Christmas together. Not sure if Kris has given up on New Year’s. 

But you know what else this means? 

More pressure on Timothée Chalamet. They’ll pretty much put him in a chokehold now. 

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