No one is saying what the occasion was but there was some kind of celebrity hang last night in New York at Electric Lady Studios and Taylor Swift was the main attraction. She’s always a big deal but she’s an even bigger heatscore these days, as we know, because of her relationship with Matty Healy. Who was there and they were seen leaving together and we are now well past the question of “if” they’re together; they ARE together. 


And they obviously don’t mind being seen together, which is not how it was in her last relationship with Joe Alwyn. Taylor and Matty are giving Taylor and Tom Hiddleston in that sense (only updated with more racism and misogyny and general controversy) – seeming to almost welcome the spotlight instead of avoiding it. And if welcome is too strong a description, at the very least we can say that they’re… indifferent, right? Like unbothered by it? Like not actively trying to deter people from focusing on it? Let’s not pretend that Taylor Swift doesn’t enjoy the attention. In Matty, at least for now, she seems to have found someone who enjoys it just as much, maybe even more. Right now, this is her love mood then. After six years of love undercover, Taylor’s love language is much more performative at this moment. She wants someone who wants to share the shine with her. To go back to Tom Hiddleston though because that energy lasted barely a summer. Will be interested to see how long Matty can keep Taylor’s interest. 


Anyway, as mentioned, Taylor and Matt weren’t the only celebrities at Electric Lady. Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley were there, as was Florence Welch, and Jerrod Carmichael, all of whom are names. But the name that stands out among all the names has to be Kendrick Lamar. It’s been nine years since the release of “Bad Blood” and they haven’t had much contact, publicly, in the years since. Clearly they’ve kept in touch, and are friendly enough that Kendrick showed up to hang with her, because Kendrick is pretty selective with where he chooses to appear and who he chooses to spend time with. Never mind Matt Healy, Kendrick is the real VIP here.