Or Keri Russell and Scott Speedman, OMG. Keri Russell was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday but the only thing anyone cares about is BEN AND FELICITY. REUNITED. OMG. How many OMGs can I fit into this post? If you’ve been reading my writing on this site, you know my love of teen dramas runs deep. In the late 90s and early 00s, when I was actually in the demo these dramas were aimed at, they were my whole sh-t. OK yes, technically, Felicity Porter and the gang were in college but it was still the stuff of teen dreams. I still remember the J-14 poster of Scott Speedman that hung on my bedroom wall. I remember being obsessed with the fact that Keri and Scott were dating in real life. It was almost as exciting as when Joey Potter and Pacey Witter dated IRL. Is anyone on Riverdale f-cking? I really want the teens of today to experience the joy of knowing your TV couple crush is also making out off-camera.

Keri Russell and Scott Speedman only dated for a year in 2000 but they’ve stayed friends for almost 20 years, which is the most adorable thing, ever. It also explains why Speedman was the only Felicity cast member to show up to her Walk of Fame ceremony. Even though Duana yells at me about it approximately weekly, I am not watching The Americans so I didn’t care that Keri Russell’s current bae Matthew Rhys was at the event. I care that Felicity creator and undisputed nerd god JJ Abrams was there and that he brought along Ben Covington himself. And yep, he can still get it. Full disclosure: I was Team Noel for a full season and a half and I never actually finished the series so I don’t know who Felicity ended up with. No spoilers. Just kidding, we all know it was always Ben. Even though Ben was the WORST for the entire first season and basically the ultimate f-ckboi always, there was no denying that Scott Speedman is goddamn beautiful. I probably would have given up all my ambitions and followed that face to a completely different university than I had planned too. No judgment, Felicity.

Keri Russell and Scott Speedman continued their super cute reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. Like the character he played, Speedman referred to himself as a “disaster of a boyfriend.” Of course he was. I don’t believe that you can be a famous 20-something with that face and that body and also be a standup dude. They don’t get into the specifics of Speedman’s disastrous boyfriend behavior but he does tell a hilarious story about when he first saw Russell’s infamous Felicity, show-ending, not-that-bad-in-hindsight-guys haircut. (The haircut stuff comes in at around the 1:14 mark).

“We all recovered.” Dead. I know all of you The Americans fans are going to come for me but these two are the f-cking cutest and I want them to get back together. When Keri says that Scott “would fight someone for me” and he responded immediately with “yeah, absolutely?” Swoon.

Kimmel also asked if Felicity and Ben would be down for a Gilmore Girls style revival that honestly, I could do without, and here’s what they said:

Has Scott Speedman always been this self-aware and funny and cute and handsome and why isn’t he in more things and I think I love him again OMG. (Lainey: I have a story that answers this question. But I don’t want to break Kathleen’s heart. So let’s let her have this, for today, and I’ll share it later.)

I can’t do a post about Felicity without shouting out Elena Tyler, the best friend Felicity didn’t deserve. This story was brought to you by late 90s/ earlys 00s nostalgia. You’re welcome.