Kevin Hart was in LA last night at the launch of his new app, Laugh Out Loud, in partnership with Lionsgate. It’s a mobile streaming service for comedy. Laugh Out Loud will feature standup specials, scripted and unscripted content, and, Kevin says, new comedic talent. Basically Kevin’s trying to become a comedy mogul, the way Jay-Z is building a music and entertainment empire, through Roc Nation and TIDAL.

On his new album, 4:44, Jay-Z recently confirmed that he cheated on Beyoncé. Kevin… hasn’t cheated on his wife Eniko Parrish. Or… he isn’t ready to admit it yet.

You heard what happened a couple of weeks ago, right? Kevin was caught on camera in Miami after spending the night at a club in a car with a woman ….at 5am. He has denied that he was stepping out on his wife, his pregnant wife. And since then they’ve been on holiday together. And she was by his side last night. And everything is fine. For now. For how long?

There are very few explanations for what can be happening in a car between two people at 5am. I mean, sure, it’s not impossible that it was innocent. They could have been just talking. But only Eniko Parrish and the most hardcore Kevin Hart fans will believe that version. The fans probably believe it more than Eniko does.

What does Eniko have to tell herself, when trying to convince herself, that 5am was not shady? What did Victoria Beckham have to tell herself all those years ago? Kevin cheated on his ex-wife Torrei, to be with Eniko. And Chris Rock, very famously once said that “a man is basically as faithful as his options”. As Kevin Hart gets more and more famous, there are more and more options. I was speaking to a man yesterday who did not disagree with this statement. But he did add that a man is also quite capable of avoiding the options. I’m not sure that 5am is the most ideal time to be avoiding options.