Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were at Knott’s Scary Farm on Friday with a group of friends that also included Kourtney and Travis Barker. Kim and Pete sat next to each other on a rollercoaster and were photographed holding hands (you can see the photo here). Needless to say, everyone is now speculating about whether or not they’re together. They of course were on Saturday Night Live together a few weeks ago. And kissed: 


There’s also the Big Dick Energy factor, an expression that went viral a couple of years ago when Pete and Ariana Grande were together that is most closely associated with him. After Ariana, he went on to date Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Kaia Gerber, and Phoebe Dynevor. You think Leonardo DiCaprio is trying to recruit Pete into the Pussy Posse? He clearly has the creds. That said, if that were the case, Leo would probably try to talk Pete out of any Kardashian association – it’s too public, there’s too much intentional heat. 


But, really, is there anything to talk him out of? Since the photo of Pete and Kim holding hands started trending this weekend, multiple sources have come forward to multiple outlets to say that the two are just friends and that the hand-holding was simply a reaction to being exhilarated/scared on the ride and nothing more. After over a decade of Kris Jenner’s masterminding though, we’ve all seen that a denial sometimes is never just a denial in the Kardashian ecosystem. A denial is often used to delay, so that they can put it on their show, and fuel even more rumours and intrigue. 

From a strategy perspective, this works – and Kris knows it. Kim and Pete came out of nowhere, so it’s the element of surprise, from a family that has been pulling on the same cards for a while. And Pete is popular. People talk about Pete Davidson a LOT. Gossip has embraced Pete. And this is one of the Kardashians’ most skilled moves: they fame-tap better than anyone else: they always find a way to plug into a celebrity energy source, borrow it or combine it with their own, and exponentially increase the power of it. No one is better at fame-tapping (I think I just invented this word?) than the Kardashians. 

Still… is it legit? Kim and Pete? 

It doesn’t have to be! The point is never what’s real, the point is the endless conversations about what’s real and what isn’t. And in Pete they seem to have found a willing participant. He doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable with the attention.