Dear Gossips,

Big Dick Energy. 

What else am I talking about in this space today? BDE is the discussion that we’re all having (when we’re not talking about how the world is a goddamn mess). Allison P Davis wrote about BDE for The Cut, complete with a BDE analysis of all the Chrises (sorry Kathleen, Chris Pine, evidently, is not the Best Chris for BDE). Patricia Hernandez broke it down at The Verge. Vice ran down a list of BDE possibles and pretenders. And even The Guardian got down with that Big Dick Energy, lamenting the fact that the spirit of BDE – which is really just quietly legit confidence as opposed to balls-in-your-face bravado – is associated with the male anatomy as opposed to what women have going on. Much of that, of course, has to do with the fact that this recent study in BDE was inspired by Pete Davidson, engaged to Ariana Grande, and what he’s bringing to the table. 

But, obviously, BDE is not the exclusive domain of men. Everyone who’s been talking about BDE over the last few days agrees that the person with the highest concentration of BDE right now is Rihanna. Cate Blanchett comes in second. So now BDE has given us a new favourite game: Who’s got that BDE? And you can apply this to any cast, any crew. Charlie’s Angels – who’s got that BDE? Please. Lucy Liu, obviously. Who’s bringing the BDE in BTS? Come on, I’m always going to say Jungkook. Harry Potter characters? 

Easy. Sirius Black and Bill Weasley. 

Michelle Obama is totally a BDE all-star. 

Who’s got that BDE in King’s Landing? There are a few, I think: Oberyn Martell, for sure. Bronn too. And Lady Olenna. And totally Grey Worm, non? 

But you know who the OG of BDE is? The BDE of all-time? For me it’s Lisa Bonet. And Denise Huxtable. 

I’m not even going to tell you to not @ me. Because you can’t. There is zero debate on that. 

Yours in gossip,